We cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years, in fully equipped development specific rooms. We also offer sessional pre-school at some of our settings.

Babies - care and attention

Handing over the care of your baby for the first time is a huge step for any parent. But while it may be hard on you, your baby will quickly adapt to their new surroundings and learn to know and trust their carers. We will help you settle your baby into our care over a period of days or weeks. We will talk to you in great detail about all aspects of our care and try to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Our baby-in-arms rooms are spacious and self-contained, to allow our team to give your baby the individual care and attention they need at this early stage. We maintain a high ratio of practitioners to babies. We record all feeding, sleeping, medical administration and nappy changing daily so that you can monitor your baby's routine closely.

Wobblers - time to explore

As soon as your baby starts to find their independent movement, we will talk to you about moving them to our Wobbler Room. During this time, your child will learn how to walk properly and become more co-ordinated.

In the Wobbler Room, we use visual, physical and audio educational resources to stimulate periods of play and sleep time. Our Wobbler Room is where your child will spend much of their day experimenting, exploring and beginning to socialise.

Toddlers - look who's talking

Your child will graduate to the Toddler Rooms at some point soon after they become steady on their feet! In the Toddler Rooms, we introduce more advanced equipment, arts and crafts and a daily plan of activities. Your child's vocabulary will increase and they will soon be able to form simple sentences. They will make lots of little friends and will enjoy in taking part in group learning.

By the time your child is ready to leave the Toddler Room, they will have a good level of communication, and will be able to retain vast amounts of information, and to formulate ideas. During this time, we will also work with you to toilet-train your child when you decide the time is right.

Pre-school - preparing the way

The Pre-School Room is where your child will first experience a more structured school environment. Your child will adapt and become used to sitting on a chair at a table and concentrating for longer periods of time.

All children develop at different rates and Pre-School allows us to asses how each child is fairing with the different tasks set. By spending more individual time at this stage, your child will grasp the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics. Arts and crafts and social behaviour are also key areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).